Music and Your Toddler


Have you ever thought that music can help in your child’s development? Many people never consider this and delay children’s contact with music. It has already been proven by several studies that children can benefit from music since they are in their mother’s womb. The more children spend time listening to music – or even playing an instrument – the sooner they will enjoy the benefits of it.

Toddlers can be extremely energetic and so showing them different ways for them to use their energy can be incredibly beneficial. When a child listens to music or even plays instruments they will be improving their sensitivity to the environment, they will also improve motor coordination. When children are in touch with art since a tender age they tend to develop higher sensitivity to their surroundings.

Music and school go hand in hand

Many parents never consider taking their children to music related classes, or even believe music is an important subject. Even though several institutions already offer arts classes that go beyond theory, many people – including children themselves – still do not understand why such classes can improve their general academic life.

First of all, when you play an instrument you will be activating parts in your brain that cannot be activated by anything else. It uses memorization, sensitivity, creativity and – believe it or not – math. When young children such as toddlers start playing things as simple as the flute, they start to develop higher sensitivity, as if they were opening their eyes to something new. It is also a well-known fact that children also learn more and faster when they are younger. The more they invest in practicing new music instruments the more connected they become. Click here.

Why it is worth letting your toddler play music

When children are young they often want to spend time playing games or even just spending their energy elsewhere. Technology plays an important role on how toddlers are growing up more and more connected nowadays. Children know how to deal with touch screens but often do not have other ways to use their coordination at. When children get in touch with something as fluid and intense as music they manage to connect to things other than games or even TV shows.

Listening or playing music help your child to develop a connection to the real world. Now, if you got interested in the benefits of music to toddlers you are probably wondering what musical instruments they can actually play at such tender age. Well, the good news is that there are many different options that will definitely please your child. Below we bring you a couple of options that can help your child begin!

  • Flute – excellent option to toddlers. Easy and cheap to find out there.
  • Keyboard or the piano – other fun options that are bound to keep your child entertained for hours on end. Perfect for kids who have lots of energy to burn.

Plus, there is no need to spend hundreds on the instruments. You can easily find a great option on the web at discounted prices. Investing in music is investing in the future of your toddler.

What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Music?

What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Music?

Almost everyone has a favourite kind of music. We all listen to music at least once a week and there are many outlets to do so such as on the radio, television, CDs, and digital downloads. What’s more, we can listen in the car, on a train, or as we jog and for as long as there have been people, there has been music. However, what are the most popular types of music today?

The Rock and Heavy Metal Music

There is no denying that over the last few decades’ rock and heavy metal music has been at the top of the list when it comes to music! People just adore this type of music and the best thing about it is that there is a sub genre of rock or metal for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s softer rock or the more hard-core heavy metal, there is something for everyone and that’s why so many people love them. It’s different but in a good way and you can really enjoy what this genre has to offer. It’s fresh, appealing and very exciting.

R&B and Hip-Hop

R&B has been around for some time and yet modern R&B is different from the more traditional styles of it. However, that doesn’t make either form bad, it really helps to enhance both eras and shows the best of both worlds. What’s more, hip-hop is really a popular fad for millions too and it’s increasing in popularity by the minute. There is something special about these types of music that draws in the listeners from all walks of life and its certainly very exciting.

What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Music?

The Pop Culture

Since the ’50s, there has been this pop culture which has never faded away. Of course, over the years, pop has changed in style but it has always remained at the forefront for many music lovers, far and wide. It’s exciting to see how far this genre has come and yet it doesn’t get old or boring. There are newer artists all the time and it’s showing the best of this era to say the least. Music wouldn’t be without it’s pop culture. Click here to get more detail about types of music.

A Contemporary Mix

One of the best things about music is that today, there isn’t just one genre or one kind of music for everyone. There are lots of types of music styles and formats from R&B to rock and heavy metal and, of course, opera and classical music. However, they all play a crucial role in everyday life and even though some people don’t necessarily enjoy certain types of music, they do enjoy music in one variety of another. It’s great and, in a way, music helps to bring people together as it’s really one of the biggest things everyone has in common with one another. Everyone likes something different but most people enjoy some form of music.

Growing Music

For hundreds of years, music has changed but it remains at the forefront of change in every decade. That is why there are so many people today who enjoy music and who listen to it on a daily basis. For some, their music tastes are so out of the box that people would never imagine listening to it but that’s not a bad thing. Music is a personal choice and it can be unusual and unique at times but extremely versatile. Visit for more information.